Portraying Russia. Landscape painting from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery

Zaryadye Park, media center, Moscow

The Tretyakov Gallery presents the first exhibition in the newly opened exhibition space of the Zaryadie Park. This project is an opportunity to show interesting works of art from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, some of them have never been exhibited before.

This is a special exhibition for the Tretyakov Gallery as the landscape paintings from the museum’s funds are to be exhibited for the first time within the actual landscape of the Zaryadye park exhibition complex, in the very heart of old Moscow. This will become a place where the visitors can travel throughout the vast and diverse expanses of Russia without leaving the center of its capital, to explore the diversity and richness of skillfully recreated natural environment and climatic zones; therefore all the landscape paintings presented will acquire a new special dimension. The exhibition will show how the Russian landscape, which became an important part of the national identity at the beginning of the XIX century, undergone a transition from the notions of an ideal classical landscape, e.g. a “portrait” of a region or city at the beginning of the XIX century, towards a conceptual interpretation of space at the end of the XX century.

The art works presented at the exhibition reflect the development of Russian art over 200 years. Thus, the visitors will be able to track the changes of the landscape role in art as a genre and of its objectives in the course of two centuries. Paintings by famous artists, such as: A. Savrasov, I. Levitan, B. Kustodiev, – will be aligned with the works of masters, whose works might be real discoveries for the visitors – E. Jung, A. Moravova and, of course, A. Borisova. An important topic for the exhibition is the search for the source of the artistic imagery in landscape. The exhibition consists of seven sections, which on the one hand represent the chronological development of landscape painting, and on the other hand, make it possible to identify a range of topics common for different periods.

Exhibition program

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