Dreams of freedom. Romanticism in Russia and Germany

New Tretyakov, 10 Krymsky Val, Halls 60–61

A unique international exhibition project is the result of cooperation between two large national museums: the Tretyakov Gallery and the Dresden State Art Collections. More than 150 paintings by German and Russian Romantics in all their versatility will reveal this complex direction in art that has manifested itself in various ways in Russia and Germany. The exhibition will feature works by such famous artists of the 19th century as Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Gustav Carus, Johann Overbeck, Alexander Ivanov, Orest Kiprensky, and Karl Bryullov. The exhibition will be complemented by the most striking works of modern art reflecting the romantic impulse, so that Romanticism could be seen through the eyes of a 21st century person.

Such a dialogue between the original works of Romanticism and the works of contemporary painters will allow the modern viewer to be immersed in the unique world of Romanticism. The works of the “Blue Soup” art group, the group “Provmyza”, and works by Olga Chernysheva will foster viewers’ awareness of the distinctiveness of romanticism as a timeless phenomenon. The involvement of such prominent contemporary artists as James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson (working with the aesthetics of light) who will create the architectural design of the exhibition, will be a separate stage in preparations for the exhibition.

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