Sergei Zaryanko. To the 200th anniversary of his birth

Tretyakov Gallery, Lavrushinsky Lane, 10, hall 11
Portrait of M.I. Avrorina. 1845, 1851
Tretyakov Gallery
Girl in a blue dress. Portrait of Natalia Sergeyevna Zaryanko. 1870
Tretyakov Gallery
Portrait of the Turchaninov family. 1848
Tretyakov Gallery
Portrait of Princess M.V. Vorontsova
Tretyakov Gallery
View of the White Hall of the Winter Palace. Second half of the 1830s
Tretyakov Gallery
Portrait of Pavel Petrovich Melnikov. 1869
Tretyakov Gallery

The retrospective exhibition of the paintings by Sergei Konstantinovich Zaryanko (1818–1870) from the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of his birth.

A portrait painter, icon painter, master of interior genre, theorist and teacher, Zaryanko was one of the most remarkable and highly-skilled artists of the mid-nineteenth century.

Zaryanko took his first lessons from V.M. Avrorin, and studied in the landscape and perspective painting class of the Imperial Academy of Arts as an independent student in 1834–1838. In parallel with his academic studies, Zaryanko studied at A.G. Venetsianov’s studio. In 1843, he was awarded with the title of academician, and became a professor seven years later. The artist’s career was mainly associated with St. Petersburg and Moscow. The master devoted much of his time to teaching, working in various educational institutions, including the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture (from 1856).

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