The State Tretyakov Gallery. The Painting Masterpieces of 1750‒1850

Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk
N.I. Argunov. Portrait of Count A.M. Dmitriev-Mamonov. 1812
Tretyakov Gallery
S.F. Shchedrin. New Rome. Castle of the Holy Angel. 1824
Tretyakov Gallery
K.P. Bryullov. Portrait of Maria Ivanovna Alekseeva. 1837-1840
Tretyakov Gallery

This unique exhibition project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia.

The exhibition presents 48 works by the magnificent constellation of Russian art masters: F. Rokotov, V. Borovikovsky, D. Levitsky, K. Bryullov, O. Kiprensky, A. Venetsianov, V. Tropinin, A. Ivanov, S. Shchedrin and others. It will enable the viewers to trace the history of the formation and development of Russian national school of painting for a whole century, in all the variety of its personalities and genres.

The portraits created by unsurpassed painters will show members of the Romanov dynasty, such as Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich (future Emperor Peter III), daughters of Emperor Paul I - Grand Duchesses Helena and Alexandra, as well as celebrated personalities of that time: Admiral A. Orlov-Chesmensky, the royal minion of Catherine II A. Dmitriev-Mamonov, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences A. Shishkov, and an outstanding church leader M. Desnitsky.

The exhibition also includes many chamber portraits, depicting the models in intimate settings, with an emphasis on everyday life and psychological perception of the characters. The works by K. Bryullov, the genius of Russian art, convey the models’ inner world and the secret life of their hearts with unequalled soulfulness. Two portraits by K. Bryullov presented at the exhibition show the painter’s extraordinary talent and brilliant artistic skill.

The distinguished works by F. Alekseev and M. Vorobyov are devoted to two Russian capitals, ancient Moscow and new St. Petersburg, while the paintings by S. Shchedrin, A. Ivanov, N. Chernetsov and V. Rayev immerse the viewer in the special romantic atmosphere of the Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Naples.

The guests of the exhibition will undoubtedly enjoy seeing the works by the magnificent masters of “the golden age of painting” in Russian art, 1750-1855.

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